OSMO Pocket – Shutter Collection Filter Set

11.990 kr.

Filter sett frá Polar Pro fyrir OSMO Pocket.
Afar einfalt að setja á, sérfræðingar Dronefly mæla eindregið með filterum ef taka á myndbönd í sól.
Kemur í öskju og telur ND4, ND 8 og ND 16 filtera.

Shutter Collection | Cinema Series | Osmo Pocket


The Shutter Collection contains three filters designed to control your Osmo Pocket’s shutter speed in the majority of lighting conditions. The innovative lightweight magnetic design allows for easy installation and quick changes while in the field. Backed by our lifetime warranty, this filter design is 100% gimbal safe.

Key Features:
  • Includes ND4, ND8, ND16
  • Aluminum Frame engineered to be lightweight and gimbal compatible
  • Cinema Series Glass produces the lowest refractive index available and a hyper neutral color profile
  • 16 layers of anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-oil & anti-water coatings
  • Magnetic design rated to 35 mph forces