DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO/ADV – 360-Camera Mount

3.990 kr.

  • Engineered specifically for the Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced Only
  • Enables pilots to mount 360-cameras, camera, or other 1/4 20 accessories to the aircraft
  • Doubles as a gimbal guard for an additional layer of camera/gimbal protection
  • Pilots need to turn downward sensors off while flying with a second camera below
  • Mount is subject to vibrationNo effect on photos, but videos are intended to be more exploratory, than cinematic.

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The PolarPro 360 Camera Mount enables you to attach a 360-camera, camera, or any ¼ 20 accessories to the bottom of your DJI Phantom 4 Pro, or DJI Phantom 4 Advanced. By mounting a 360-camera below the Phantom 4 Pro camera, you can capture stunning video from your P4 Pro, and 360-photos with your 360-camera. The 360 mount does vibrate so filming video is challenging, however, photos come out great. You can also attach any other ¼ 20 accessory or custom rig any mount you would like to fly with. When filming with a camera or accessory below the Phantom 4 Pro/ADV, you will need to turn off the downward sensors and hand launch/catch.