DJI Mavic Pro & Platinum Carry Case – Explorer Edition

27.990 kr.

Professional Carrying Case fits for DJI Mavic Pro – Explorer Case Edition –  with extensive space for 7 batteries, many accessories, DJI shoulder bag by MC-CASES

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Professional Carry Case fits for DJI Mavic Pro – Explorer Edition

The new DJI Mavic Pro professional carrying case „Explorer Edition“ by MC-CASES is perfect for all pilots who own more accessories and need more space. In this case, you can store beside the DJI Mavic Pro including battery, the Remote Control, Charger also 7 batteries, the original DJI Shoulder Bag, all components of the Combo Package of DJI (USB Hub, Car Charger, Dockingstation, Multi Charger etc.). During the development of the case, we took focus to make this case as best practical as possible. You have a close-able multiuse compartment to store small items like memory cards, LED lights, Filters etc. The great thing is you can remove the left foam to get more space for larger items / accessories.

As extra we added several useful compartments for all of your additional accessories. This case has hand luggage dimensions and can be used worldwide within the airplane.

This case is IP67 certificated and is waterproofed for 30 minutes under 1-meter water deepness.

In detail you can store the following stuff:

–          DJI Mavic Pro including Battery, Props and Gimbalcover
–          7x DJI Mavic Intelligent Battery (6x within the foam and 1x in the DJI Mavic)
–          1x DJI Mavic Remote Control
–          1x Original DJI Mavic Should Badger
–          1x DJI Multicharger
–          4x Spare Props
–          1x DJI USB Docking station Adapter
–          Diverse Cables like DJI Mavic Cable, Lightning Connector
–          Business Cards
–          1x Big Multiuse compartment which is closeable with a lid including handle.

–          Cabin Luggage dimensions: 464 x 366 x 176 mm

–          Weight: 3,1 kg

Þyngd 3.1 kg
Ummál 46.4 × 36.6 × 17.6 cm